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Truckload Service (TL)

ECM TRANSPORT understands that your needs have no boundaries. Backed by our asset based division, ECM provides Truckload (TL) solutions throughout North America truly customized to your needs. Specializing in expedited and JIT deliveries, our priority is to offer piece of mind to our customers and yours, regardless of where the final destination may be. With our industry low claims ratio of 0.1% and annual on-time service performance exceeding 98%, contact ECM TRANSPORT to customize a solution that best fits your supply chain.

Less-Than-Truckload Service (LTL)

ECM TRANSPORT works closely with PITT OHIO to deliver Less-Than-Truckload shipments. PITT OHIO takes great pride in delivering quality Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) service that is the best in the industry. For over thirty years, PITT OHIO has been a leader in the LTL industry delivering to more destinations next-day than any other carrier.

Dry Bulk Tanker

ECM TRANSPORT is a leader in the transportation industry because of our commitment to our customers and recognizing the need to diversify. In addition to our legacy truckload service, ECM initiated an asset based, Dry Bulk Tanker division in 1992 to meet customer demand and expand service capabilities. Today, our pneumatic fleet has grown to include 50 tanks and 20 full time operators, widely regarded as the safest in the business.

Reverse Logistics and Brokerage

At ECM TRANSPORT, we realize you demand more than standard pickup and delivery service. Developed in 2009 as an alternative to Dedicated transportation, our Reverse Logistics and Brokerage Services focus on creating cost-effective and manageable solutions at a fraction of the cost, using our assets and manpower.

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