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Cargo Loss and Damage Form

Please complete this form and hit "Submit" when finshed. Our site will automatically generate an email to the appropriate party.

Please attach any supporting documentation to this email.

Claimant Information
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Shipment Information
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Claim Details
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Claim Type: Noted Damages Shortages Concealed Damages

Please describe what the claim represents and show how the amount for the claim was calculated

Quantity Product Description Claim Amount
Total Claim Amount

If the claim involves damaged goods, please complete the following:
Damaged goods can be
repaired for the amount of:
Damaged goods can be used
"as is"for an allowance of:
Damaged goods are available for
carrier pickup at this amount:
Damaged goods are unavailable (Please explain):

Hitting "Submit" will generate an email to the appropriate party at ECM TRANSPORT. To avoid delay in processing your claim, please attach the following documents to the your email before sending.

  • Copy of BOL
  • Vendor's Invoice showing price of lost or damaged goods
  • Consignee's copy of freight bill, bearing loss or damaged notations
  • Itemized repair bill
  • Inspection Report
  • Pictures of freight (if available)

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